Nawal Laoui

In 2017, Nawal Laoui created the Parisian brand Persée- inspired by her world tour, her passion for contemporary art and her thirst for creation. Through her creations, we find the crossing of her influences from Morocco, the land of her origins and Greek mythology: the name of Persée comes from Perseus, the child of Danaë and Zeus, transformed into a gold rain.<br From her journey, her love for the purity of the stones to the artworks of Picasso, Calder, or Brancusi, Nawal Laoui writes down the story of Persée.

The Pierced Diamond

Free from the set, the diamond is presented in its purest form: nude. A masterly symphony of light and brilliance that the diamond will offer to the woman wearing it. To make these stones without crimps, the diamonds are laser drilled inserting a ring to fix them to the jewel. Magnifying the beauty of the stone 360 degrees, so that the diamond reveals all its fascinating play of light. Persée presents one carat diamonds maximum which are directly pierced in modern approach to unveil its authenticity and natural shine.


Persée is driven by the will to present a pure, naked, unset and genuine diamond, while always heightening and disclosing more of the stone’s sparkle and brightness. The idea is to be able to wear diamond jewelry on a casual way with the ability to mix and match all the pieces. Daily luxury, luxury of simplicity. This is the magic that Persée offers to women of all ages.