Nawal Laoui

Inspired by her tour around the world and her passion for modern art, the discovery and the creation of all forms never stop to enchant her. From this initiatory travel, Persée was born... What is its singularity? To reveal the beauty of the set free diamond, so that the nude stone could reveal its fascinating light game. The stone is forgotten by its lightness which reminds its singularity. Sober lines, from which the elegance is underlined with poetry. An accessible luxury for everyone... The designer, citizen of the world, with inspirations of Morocco: the land of her origins and fond of the Greek mythology, those elements will inspire her brand name: Persée.

The Pierced Diamond

Free from its set, the diamond is presented by its purest form: nude. A magistral symphony of light and brightness that the diamond will offer to the woman who will wear it. To make those stones without a set, the diamonds are pierced with laser and we add a ring to fix them. To exhibit the beauty of the stone at 360 degrees, so that the diamond can show its fascinating light fluctuation. This is the magic that Persée desire to offer to present a nude diamond.


The brand was born from the symbol of the mythology Persée, who was born from the secret union of Danaé and Zeus, who transformed himself in a gold rain. With the will to play with the words, the designer wants to magnificate the "pierced" diamonds, "perçés" in French with simplicity and sobriety. The brand Persée is animated by the will to present a nude diamond, free from a set, with all the authenticity, always revealing the most the brightness of the stone. The Persée diamonds are resplendent and luminous, while the gold chains are hanging up with delicacy, like a lace. Diary luxury, a luxury of simplicity... this is the magic the brand Persée wants to offer to the women of all ages.